Parametric Weather Insurance

Background of Parametric Weather Insurance:-

Parametric Weather Insurance cover is totally different from traditional insurance in the fact that you need to set two variables, which if met by weather, conditions and time; the protection simply pays its limit. This coverage has been especially useful when there has been a lack of coverage in traditional markets or clients have decided to smooth out their budgets. We have been working on everything from snow budgets to hail for car dealerships to flood for golf courses to windstorm for transmission and distribution lines to buying down wind deductibles to zero.

If the peril is weather we can normally provide an alternative way of considering the risk subject to the data.

Product Description:-

  • Parametric Weather Insurance – choose a weather peril metric over a time metric


  • Protection pays as soon as the two key measures are met.
  • Payment is within 14 days of being verified
  • Lots of weather perils can be measured and insured, providing uninsured risk
  • Huge data base of satellite weather recordings using Weather Analytics

Key Territories:-

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Worldwide


  • All industries


  • USD 10m+


  • None

Minimum Premium:-

  • USD20,000


  • Lloyds and company markets

Information required:-

  • Submission
  • Statement of requirements


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